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Just a man after his Father's Heart

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He was, perhaps, about to regain his liberty; at worst, he would have a companion, and captivity that is shared is but half captivity.
The Count of Monte-Cristo

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Those who are dipping into so many subjects and gathering information in a summary and superficial form lose the habit of settling down to great works.
G. J. Goschen

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In fact, I am a ‘self,’ or an ‘I,’ that cannot be seen or touched unless I manifest myself through my behaviour or my talk.
J. P. Moreland

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Would it not be strange if a universe without purpose accidentally created humans who are so obsessed with purpose?
Sir John Templeton

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A love for Love

It has really interested me lately, this relationship we all have with Love. It’s a bit of a different way to look at things.

Its face changes, its name has a new pronunciation, there becomes a new form to it, but it is still the same relationship we’ve always had with Love. We may break up, but as time goes by we realize the mistake we’ve made and come back. We return as changed people, ourselves emotionally, and Love physically. It’s this pursuit all of us have for the same one, but found by each in different form. We partner our pursuits with one another by necessity, but often end up hindering the other’s relationship with Love by our selfishness for our own relationship.

To be in love with Love is a wonderful thing, but the separation of real men and women is found in those who are willing to sacrifice their own relationship with Love so another may have a better one.

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Is God REALLY Speaking To You?

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Words from a friend

On July 1st 1991 in Mother’s parking lot (which is now Crabby Joe’s), I asked Amy if she would be my girlfriend. I was 14 years old & she was 15 years old. Crazy, I know. But what’s even crazier than that is, we never left each others side right up to our wedding day 6 years later. We married in 1997 & it was just the two of us until May 2002 when our 1st child arrived on scene. That means Amy & I spent 11 years together. Just us. We lived during that time to the fullest because we wanted to enjoy each other & wanted to be prepared to show our children what a marriage was supposed to really look like & not what it has become in today’s culture. Since 2002, we’ve had to share our time & attention with our children which means less time with just each other which is what we were used to. Life’s tough on marriage. It tests your integrity & commitment… oh, & your word. Are you really going to stick with each other through better or worst, sickness & health, until death do you part. Or did you LIE on your wedding day? Amy & I spent this past weekend in Kitchener without our kids. Once again, just her & me & I realized once again, that Amy was the object of my affection. 

God created man so that He could make man the object of His affection. Love like no other & words can’t describe it. 

This is just my opinion & some may think I’m crazy or wrong, but, I don’t believe that there was just one woman made just & only for me. I came across Amy in 1991 & I chose to make her the object of my affection just as God chose to make man for His affection. When I made that choice, I sealed a commitment & covenant that she was & could be the only one who would be my everything & the object of my affection & that is impossible to break. I did not LIE on the alter when I told Amy & God that I would never leave her. No matter what! 


To all my guys out there…Caution!… There are millions of beautiful woman out there & there always will be. The grass is not greener on the other side. That’s a deception. All of those beautiful woman will eventually age & their looks will eventually fade by the worlds standard. So why do you pursue? You have to realize that your only chasing counterfeit affections & they are fleeting. Man up! Show some real strength & integrity & honour by committing to the one & only woman that you chose. If you keep trying to chase the next best thing, you’ll eventually be left broken & empty with a trail of damaged relationships. 

Marriage is the toughest thing in this world. You MUST put her wants & desires before yours. If you are not, it simply comes down to this… you are a selfish man. Only a real man can do this & finish the race.

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Perceived Perfections of the Internet Life

I like to be real, I’m not always the best at it, but I strive for it. I love real conversations, raw expressions, and vulnerable truths. That’s where incredible relationships with friends, family, and loved ones are birthed from.

This article hit the nail right on the head. Our Internet lives have become this addictive spectator sport to see who’s doing what, yet I find at least from my perspective, that’s all it is, spectating. We miss out on our lives just sitting there. It scares me to think how much time I have spent sitting scrolling through Facebook and observing other’s lives, when that time could have been spent connecting with people or taking opportunities around me. Definitely makes you reflect on life and what it has been for you lately.

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Anonymous asked: what has been your favorite or most meaningful gift that you've received?

I thought about this for a while and it took me a bit to pinpoint. It may seem dumb or cheesy, but it was as simple as a chocolate milk.

I was playing on the worship team at my church and so I was there early for practice, and the girl I was dating came and met up at the beginning of service, and on her way she picked the drink up for me. It was just out of the blue, for no reason, just to show she cared and had thought about me. I love random little gifts like that and love to give them too, but that has been the only time someone has done it for me, and so it meant a lot and has kind of stayed with me, as dumb as it may sound.

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All the founders of the United States - yes, all - knew that a free society can survive only if its citizens believe themselves to be morally accountable to God.

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Flippin Balls I’m Happy!!!

It’s amazing what a weekend spent in worship will do for your spirit. A weekend spent just pressing in relentlessly, pursuing the Father and urging Him to show Himself in your life. I have so much unexplained joy right now, I’m alive with abundant life, I want to run and show the world how amazing God is. I want to run to some and say forget your troubles, just come with me! God has transformed me this weekend, no, not all my problems have magically disappeared, but the difference is I’m not worried, I don’t care, what I do care about right now is how incredible our God is. He’s flipping amazing, and my words are lacking and aren’t able to describe all this that is in me. I think the most amazing part is there’s no fear of man, I’m not afraid to boldly say or show that I’m a Christian and believe in Jesus. I wasn’t very much before, but now those little hints of it that hindered are gone. I’m so high right now!!